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William Getz

Hunter Industries
Senior Software Engineer
Greater San Diego Area
We all do our best to perform our work with the tools we have.

This is my very first application security conference.
I love legacy code; to refactor, unit test, and help it grow.
Have you heard about #MobProgramming?
I have a love of folklore and fairytales, especially Icelandic Sagas. My favorite saga being the Orkneyinga Saga, followed closely by Njal's Saga.
The Mysterious Sea Peoples. Ramses II has had run ins with them, but historians can only speculate as to who they were.
I've been playing tabletop RPG's for a long time, DM'ing many of the D&D types of RPG for over ten years; haven't really played with 5th edition yet.
I'm new to the DevOps sphere of work as well. I helped set up our company's CICD pipelines using GoCD.
I have worked many jobs in my life, starting at the age of eight with my father installing HVAC systems to my current stint as a software engineer.