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Kevin Gosschalk

CEO / Founder
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Kevin Gosschalk is the CEO and Co-Founder of FunCaptcha, where he leads a team of people focused on telling computers and humans apart on the Internet. He gained early recognition for his work with the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (QUT) as part of the LANDMark (Longitudinal Assessment of Novel Ophthalmic Diabetic Markers) study, where he developed an innovative mapping technique to detect early signs of diabetes using noninvasive methods. Before FunCaptcha, Kevin worked on gaming hardware for the intellectually disabled at the Endeavour Foundation and built a unique device incorporating Microsoft’s Kinnect Camera technology. The project attracted $500,000 in funding and was transformed into the marketready product, Edu Touch Magic Carpet, which was licensed to Eduss Education Ltd in 2013. Noted for his involvement in interactive development and machine vision, Kevin then turned his expertise to CAPTCHA — often regarded as the Internet’s impossible problem. Today, FunCaptcha has transformed the irritating chore of comprehension into an SLA-guaranteed visual activity that stops automation for brands like Electronic Arts, Kik, and StubHub. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in Games and Interactive Entertainment from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
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